How do I get SSL Certificates for my website?

How do I get SSL Certificates for my website?

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How do I get SSL Certificates for my website?

How can we process transactions securely on the web? Any safe transaction should happen between the customer and the web site in a manner that no one can read or intercept the transaction details. To enable this fast transaction SSL, other wise called as secure sockets layer is very useful. This program works through the encryption routines and programs that are found on the web host and browser.

Many might ask “I am designing a website and how can I get SSL for my website?’

Once you know the basic meaning and facts related to SSL activate the SSL option and provide necessary information there like country/state and organization. Do not fill in anything in the tab SSL request or SSL certificate. Then go the action tab and choose create certification and click save. When you visit the SSL tab again you will find the certificate signing request (CSR) under SSL request. Using this CSR apply for an SSL certificate with companies like VeriSign, Geotrust, SSLGenie etc.

Some companies might offer trial versions and always follow the instructions provided with the company’s web site. After getting the certificate copy it into the SSL certificate and then choose save under the actions tab. Now that one knows how to include the SSL in their website they should also know which form of SSL is best. Whether 128-bit SSL or 40-bit SSL? So what are they and which is the best SSL? When a transaction takes place between the customer and the website the level of encryption is decided by the browser, the customers OS and the SSL certificate?

When a site uses low level encryption like 40 or 56 bits then any hacker using his brains and tools can break the security of the website. Thus the 128 bit SSL is preferred as it is a high level encryption. Hackers find it difficult to crack the code and enter the security zone with this high level encryption. Thus this 128 bit SSL is the best for an enhanced and secured transaction. Nowadays 128 bit encryption with an SGC (server-gated cryptography) enabled SSL certification is considered to the best fool proof SSL. It is unique as it protects the private keys and ensures anyone visiting the site irrespective of their OS have a fair and secured transaction.

If the website deals with payments, collects personal data like tax ID, emails, birthdays etc or other bank or credit card details then a high level 128 bit or even more should be maintained to gain good will and trust among customers. They will feel safe and comfortable to have transaction with you and will be also feel safe about the details they have shared. Many have a doubt as to whether their browser is capable of using SSL certificates. Well as far as VeriSign, SSLGenie, Thawte is considered they work with almost all browsers. Thus 128 bit or more with SGC enabled SSL certificate is what can be safe and can be used for the website.

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