Seo – Wearing The White Hat Part # 2

Seo – Wearing The White Hat Part # 2

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Seo – Wearing The White Hat Part # 2

In our last article we discussed some of the parallels between “White Hat” and “Black Hat” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approaches. With this article I want to provide my top ten list of “White Hat” SEO strategies.

10) Forum Contribution – This strategy allows you to place knowledgeable comments on forums that are applicable to your online business. You place a link to your site in the signature for positive back linking.

9) Business Blog – You can use a blog to enable your customers to view you as more personable, but the marketing aspect and back links are a positive “White Hat” strategy.

8) RSS Feed – This strategy can be used in list building and in syndicating your web content and blog posts to interested individuals. This allows visitors to know every time you have new content to share.

7) Site map – By creating a site map useful to Google and Yahoo you will find they have a much easier time mapping and applying appropriate rankings. You are simply helping to speed up improved site rankings.

6) Link Requests – Don’t be bashful about sending out link requests to business acquaintances. These might be reciprocal links, but they don’t have to be. Back links to your site have a significant impact on improved site rankings.

5) Request Site Reviews – Visit an applicable business forum and request visitors review your site and provide honest feedback. Learn what you can from the feedback and make changes, but also realize you have increased site traffic and left your site link for others to follow.

4) Directory Submission – Submit your site information to general directories. However, when it comes to more specific directories make sure to send your information only to directories related to your business.

3) Update Your Site – Do not allow your site to remains static. Search engines like new information. If your site always stays the same it will not give either your visitors or the search engines a reason to spend much time with your site.

2) Original Content – When possible supply as much original content as possible for your site. This is gold to search engines. They place a high premium on knowledge-based, keyword enriched articles. However, this is not a once and for all proposition. Routinely replace content so your visitor and search engines have something new to read.

1) Article Submission – The nature of free article submission sites can allow you to take new or retired content and make it available for other sites to use. This strategy is especially useful in helping other sites while improving your ability to gain highly strategic backlinks due to the mandatory link provision in free article use.

Hopefully this helps you understand a bit better some of the things you can do legitimately to improve your site rankings and market your website to your best ethical advantage using “White Hat” SEO principles.

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