Search Engine Marketing – Keyword Research Is Critical

Search Engine Marketing – Keyword Research Is Critical

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Search Engine Marketing – Keyword Research Is Critical

If you have chosen to market your business with search engine marketing keyword research is your next obvious step. SEM, (search engine marketing), is a great way to get your internet business off the ground. The way you need to begin is with a good keyword search tool to help find good keywords to use.

What are you selling or offering as a service? Try to think like a consumer who is looking for this exact thing. Write down how you would search for it online. Here is the starting point for your keyword research.

Type these ideas, one at a time, into the keyword finder of your choice. The keyword finder will then be able to give you more suggestions of other keywords you may not have thought of. Open a Notepad file and save these keywords for later use.

If you want a leg up, try to find out what keywords your competitors are using by locating the keyword tags on their website and then right clicking in a blank area of the website, then clicking on ‘view source’ in the drop down menu. Refine those keywords by making them a more exact description what it is you are selling or offering as a service and use them to your advantage as one search engine marketing keyword.

It will take some time, maybe even a few months for you to get a handle on what keywords work best for you and which ones do not. When you get to this point, get rid of the ones that do not work and replace them with new ones then repeat the process. Keeping your keywords up to date will ensure your website stays at the top of the search engine results page.

Other guidelines to follow regarding using keywords effectively include using them in articles and blog-posts. In articles, make sure you do not use the keyword you have chosen more than three times. Once in the first paragraph, once in the body of the article and once in the last paragraph of the article. Your articles should be at least 500 words.

Blog posts do not have to be that long, usually 350 words and your keyword should only be used three times, in the title, once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph.

Whether you write articles or blog posts be careful that each one is original content. No duplicate content allowed. All that means is, if you write two or more articles, they cannot say the exact same thing in the exact same way. Mix it up. Use different words that mean the same thing. Time to bring out that creativity.

One other thing, your domain name. You will get ranked higher if your domain name is your keyword. Makes sense doesn’t it. If your domain name is your keyword and someone searches for that exact keyword they will see your website listed first then go to your site to buy what they need. Piece of cake.

Everything is connected, starting with your domain name right on down to the blog posts and your chosen search engine marketing keyword.

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