How To Use Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Use Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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How To Use Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Website

In the age when the Internet is considered the omnipotent platform for branding and related activities, businesses and individuals are graduating into understanding how to achieve higher visibility using various aspects of internet marketing. One of the ways of driving higher targeted traffic to your website is through writing search engine optimized articles and submitting them in various article directories.

Steps to Driving Traffic to Your Website

Now it sounds quite simple but there are many things that you need to consider for the entire process to be successful. There are some steps that can be followed for overall success in driving traffic and they are:

Target Un-monetized searches

The most important thing that you require for this is a strong keyword research tool like Wordtracker, KWDiscovery, or Google’s KW Tool, and even Overture’s View Bids Tool. The first part of the process will be identifying the terms that are searched the most and they should be related to your business or industry. Once you are done and over with the identification process, you need to use the new found keywords in your articles.

While writing articles you need to remember the following:

1. Your articles should be more than 500-800 words as it will defeat the purpose

2. Your articles should have an even spread of keywords. Normally you need to insert the main or primary keyword/keyphrase in the article title as well as within the first 90 characters.

3. The ideal keyword density should be anywhere between 1.5% and 2.5%. Anything over that will kill the purpose of the article.

4. Use your keywords for article content as well as any copy that you may be using

Innovative title or story

Your article should not be the run of the mill kinds. It has to be different and should be a balance of innovative and relevant content mixed well with keywords. If you use a controversial angle in your article then people are bound to read it. Controversy always attracts!

You can use news snippets as a reference within your article to make it sound like a story. Each of the paragraphs of your article should be connected well so that the content can flow from one paragraph to another without losing its steam. This will be important in holding the readers attention.

Another good option is create a blog. Blogs are popular and they are interesting because they also include personal experiences and readers, or visitors will have the freedom to leave their feedback. To make your blog interesting, you can incorporate data, graphs, charts, images and even editorials. You need to write the blog in such a way that it will take out the monotonous grind that people go through in an article and also help in increasing visibility.

Submitting Articles

Submitting articles is an important aspect of driving traffic but it all depends on where you submit your articles. There are many people who make the mistake of submitting their articles in thousands of unknown directories and end up getting very few targeted traffic or no traffic at all. This is where Google comes in. You need to find the article directories that are highly ranked on Google and then submit your article in the top 20 directories. Never go over board during submission because it may have a catapult effect. Before submission to each of the directories, make sure that you have read through their requirements and formats. Submit your articles only according to their formats. This will help them to approve your article as quickly as possible.

The second step is to ensure that you provide a link from your website to your articles on the directories and a link from the article directories to your website. This will work as a cross linking as well as back linking and help in generating heavy targeted traffic.

Another option you can explore is writing press releases and submitting them in press release directories. This will provide you or your business with enough exposure and bring in meaningful traffic. At the end of the day, all these processes will initiate the traffic and revenue generation without you having to pay a single dime.

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