Google Keyword Search Tool – Target Your Niche

Google Keyword Search Tool – Target Your Niche

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Google Keyword Search Tool – Target Your Niche

Using the Google keyword search tool can help you find a great list of keywords for your online advertising. Most people know that their first job with their online business is to get as much traffic (highly targeted traffic) to their website as possible. One of the neat things about an online business is that there are many different ways you can go about doing this. Even though many of the methods to drive traffic are very different they all need one thing: keywords.

The free keyword tool that Google offers allows you to find lists of great keywords you can use for your online campaigns. You can than use those keywords in various marketing campaigns such as Pay Per Click(PPC), article marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to name a few.

The keyword tools will allow you to specify certain parameters when you do your keyword research. You can choose things like the average estimated cost per click, average estimated competition and the total number of monthly searches.

Don’t overlook the words ‘average’ and ‘estimates’ in these categories. Don’t expect this information to be spot on, it’s not. It’s just a starting point in your research.

Most people will start their keyword research by targeting a broad phrase, such as ‘make money online’. From there they will drill down to find slightly more obscure keywords The reason for that is simple, such as broad phrase as ‘make money online’ will be extraordinarily expensive and competitive.

Unless you really know what you’re doing or you have very deep pockets you’ll be much better off targeting some keywords that don’t get quite as many searches since they’ll be far less competitive and costly.

So instead of targeting the broad phrases that you found when you did your first search, you can use some of those results and run the search again using some of the more obscure terms. Let’s say your search using the broad term ‘make money online’ gave you a result of ‘moms can make money online’ (I’m just making this up, I don’t know what the numbers for any of these things may actually be, this is just an example),

The more defined ‘moms can make money online’ will almost be guaranteed to have fewer searches per month but the good news is that they’ll also be much less competitive and expensive (that keyword would probably still be a winner because it is highly targeted and a lot of the people who would click on it are moms who want to make money online and would be likely to buy a course that can show them how to do just that).

The exact parameters you’ll use when you do your keyword research will vary depending on just what type of advertising you are doing. Just don’t take the Google keyword search tool for granted just because it’s free. It’s a great resource and can help you out with your traffic if you know how to use it the right way and what to look for.

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