Certification Authorities with browser ubiquity of 99.3% are best in Industry.

Certification Authorities with browser ubiquity of 99.3% are best in Industry.

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Ecommerce is driving the new economy and the internet is primary facilitator. The internet is communication network that has revolutionized the way people access, share and use information The use of the Internet means that your internal IT and e-commerce systems are potentially accessible by anyone, irrespective of their location. SSL Certificate is the solution for all the above stated problems. SSL Certificates are guaranteed to be the most effective online security available today. The highest browser ubiquity the most effective and trusted it is considered.

The term browser ubiquity explains an SSL certificate’s browser compatibility i.e., the extent to which the Certification Authority’s (CA) Certificate is included in the Web browsers. SSL Certificates with 99.3% browser ubiquity are very easily compatible with Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Sun Java Runtime, ACCESS NetFront, Cingular WAP Gateways and Many Nokia devices.

A basic criterion to select a SSL Certificate today is browser ubiquity. Browser ubiquity means the number of Internet users that will inherently trust an SSL certificate. Few SSL Certificates are inherently trusted by 99.3% of the current Internet population, which is the maximum any CA is providing in the market. A High browser ubiquity means that most existing browsers recognize a given certificate and thus secure transactions can take place on those browsers.

Another consideration often overlooked concerning the overall ubiquity of a SSL certificate is the issue over certification authority. When connecting to a web server over SSL, the visitor’s browser decides whether or not to trust the web site’s SSL certificate based on which Certification Authority has issued the actual SSL certificate.

It is strongly recommended that all the websites should opt for an SSL Provider with 99% or above browser ubiquity, a 10% difference in browser ubiquity is equal to millions of Internet users who may not recognize your Certificate. The lower the browser ubiquity, the less people will trust your certificate, so if you are operating a commercial site you require as many people as possible to trust your SSL Certificate. As a general rule, any SSL Certificate with over 99% browser ubiquity is adequate for a commercial site.

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